Digital Display

We provide cutting edge technology with comprehensive support services. Delivering end to end solutions from Concept to Reality encompassing the entire Visual Display Specter.

  • Boardrooms & Meeting room Booking screens
  • Video Conferencing
  • Training Rooms
  • Auditoriums
  • Lecture Halls & Classrooms
  • High Definition Operating Rooms & Displays
  • Command and Control Centers
  • Centralized Content Management Solutions
  • Mobile Command & Control Centre
  • Digital Signage / Digital Menu / Hospitality Signage (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Sports Arenas (Digital Score Displays and Perimeter LED's)

Digital Menu

With Digital Menu Boards wait times are a thing of the past, Customers proactively use screens to look at seasonal or scheduled menu offerings, live feeds or tempting advertisements. Menu options are lively with videos including TV channels popular with the local community.
Post changes to your menu instantaneously. If you're running low on stock or need to push an item that isn't selling, it's easy to make immediate updates. Improve customer service, control energy costs and save printing charges. Displays can be programmed to turn on and off according to restaurant hours.

Hospitality Signages

Way finding screens, self-check-in kiosks, instant traffic, flight and weather updates. Allow guests to be pampered as they prefer with the powerful combination of your in-person staff and digital screens
Make instant, on-the-spot updates. Holidays and weather could require updates in your pool, lobby and restaurant hours. Promote new offerings. Inform your guests about newly renovated rooms, package deals and holiday specials.

Lets you gather feedback. Interactive kiosks encourage guests to leave their comments as well as profile and contact information, allowing for future mailings and targeted promotions

Video Walls

Our multi brand portfolio of High Quality commercial and professional grade displays are ideal for Dynamic Digital Signage applications, Mission critical spaces like control room or public venues.

Create near-seamless video walls by minimizing your image gap with ultra-narrow bezel units where the width can be between 0.5 to 5.5mm depending on model.

Control Room Solutions

Innovative solutions from multiple brands for mission critical requirements like Command and Control centers.

Indoor/Outdoor LED Displays

Creative attention-grabbing display walls for the brightest environments and long distance viewing. Be it indoor or Outdoor, Modular, light-weight, cost effective cabinets designed for transportation hubs, sports venues, events, retail environments por Roadside large Digital Billboards.

Custom Builds

When one size does not fit all we go further by custom building displays and kiosks to meet individual needs. From interactive, IP rated, high brightness displays of any size to custom multipurpose kiosk in any color. We cater to all.

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