Digital Marketing

With the advent of digital marketing, the traditional marketing paradigm is spinning into an unprecedented new world. To be where your brand should be tomorrow, you need cross-channel digital marketing today. At Awan Media, we help brands to spin their wheels in digital space to be ahead.

Social Media Management

From becoming a search engine to giving the brand a human touch, social media has opened up new avenues for brands that never existed before. Making the most out of social media means brands can gain exposure, enhance customer communication, create a brand persona, and position itself as the market leader. And that's exactly what we do at Awan Media. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ or any other social media, we will take your brand to the top.

Our expertise and dedication will help your brand to cut through the social media noise and convert prospects into customers. By aligning with your target audience, business objectives, and product offerings, we develop brilliant strategies that generate measurable business results and make a lasting brand impression.

Online Campaign Management

Social media makes advertising affordable and measurable, only if you know what goes behind.

Social media advertising is quickly becoming an integral player in brand promotion. We specialize in ideating, developing, hosting, and analyzing campaigns. Our team is armed with industry renowned campaign management tools to improve your consumer reach and cultivate a more personal relationship with potential customers.

Each of our campaigns is build in measurement against objectives. We analyze the performance time to time and take necessary actions to optimize performance. After each campaign, we submit a detailed campaigned performance report to you. The results will speak for themselves.


If your customer can't find you in the first three pages, then you're invisible. Period.

We've three facts for you. One, about 3.97 billion pages get indexed in the search engines. Two, 93% of users don't go beyond the first page of search results. Third, the first position gets around 32% of all search traffic. The only way to be on top and get business? Search engine optimization.

Our team understands SEO inside out. We begin with auditing your current ranking, on-page and off-page SEO, link development strategy, and competition performance. Based on the findings, we create a gap analysis. Based on this, our technical team and content team work together and come up with an SEO strategy, implement it and take you to the top.

Website Design and Development

A strong design and content strategy combined with strong technology and personal touch makes our service the unique one.

Each website we develop is responsive. Our expert technology and creative team ensure that your website performs in desktop, smartphones, and tablets seamlessly. Our result-driven strategies will help you tell your brand story, make sales, attract the right audience, and create brand recall. Whether your goal is to get a phone call or mail, online quote request, sell your product online, or educate your audience, we've got you covered.

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