Out of Home Advertising

One of the Top Billboard Advertising Companies in the Middle East!

There are many reasons why Awan Media should be your preferred traditional and outdoor digital and billboard advertising company in the middle east. We are a provider of outdoor advertising services, with a strong presence in Bahrain, KSA, Dubai, Qatar, Malaysia.
As a out of home media company and one of the top billboard advertising companies in the middle east, Awan Media is in an aggressive growth stage, with an ever-expanding list of outdoor advertising markets. We now cover top markets across the region and we're adding more premium locations every day. While our reach is expanding, we always increase our local market expertise, so no matter where your target audience, we're ready to serve you with the savvy you need to structure your next campaign.

Advertisement Recall

If you intend to convey a message that will be remembered by your audience, then you need not to look anywhere. Awan OOH will get you the Ad recall and the most impressions. Advertising spend is important to you, So Awan OOH will make it a priority to reach the target audience and assure that your advertisement is seen and recalled to the full.


20 years of experience in the Advertising industry, Awan has the expertise to cater to all your needs. We make sure that your advertisement transforms and reinforces your image in the GCC Market. We strive hard to provide a personalized service and make sure to achieve the goal set out by you.

Diversified Out of Home media

Awan offers a diversified out of home media services to reach the target audiances, Our combination of media diversity and locations will help you to control the range of your ad campaigns from small to large, with full concentration of extension.

Ideal Locations

A combination of traditional outdoor media options like Billboard, Prismavision the 3-Sided rotating display, low cost medias such as Megacons or giant Marketing wall are all located at high traffic area. We have been very innovative in designs and concepts in our structure which is different from traditional formats and have created beautiful and decorative facades, which have become landmarks by themselves. Awan has some of the most prominent and sought after locations offering our client the choice and flexibility to target any segment of the society in order to catch maximum visibility for their advertising prodcuts.

Our Clients